Who are the Stick Up Boys?

A deep mystery surrounds the Stick Up Boys and they have worked and produced music for artists globally as well as for film and TV. To find out more listen to their interviews with James Black "A beginners guide to the Stick Up Boys"or if you want to know even more you can listen to the "Intermediate guide to the Stick Up Boys" here.


The Stick Up Boys off kilter approach to electronic pop music is orchestrated by an anonymous collective from Brighton, UK. Borrowing influences from modern EDM and electonica as well as the most notorious of the 80’s pop scene, the Stick Up Boys have been heralded as the “new sound of urban pop music”. Their unique and fresh sound is generated from their much beloved analogue synths, their extensive experience in a wide range of musical styles, as well as their collective talents as writers, performers, producers, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists.


The Stick Up Boys released their first single “Getaway” with Quark Records in the USA, and a second single “Party in the backyard” released in summer 2015. Their first sample CD “Stick Up Boys Volume I” held the No 1 spot in the Producer Loops indie chart for several months and have now released 4 more sets of Construction Kits to critical acclaim. Fresh on the heels of an advertising campaign for food retailer “Itsu” with the songs “Bling” and “Put another record on” featuring Koo, their song “Trouble” was used in the independent UK horror film “POV”. A collaboration with French conceptual artist Francois Vautier produced a video for the song “DNA” which attracted worldwide interest.


They have released a four song EP release with Respect Records based in Hamburg, Germany, in 2016 and have had a top charting dance songs with DJ Jerome Clarke and international artists Luxe. They then released a single  with French label Volver records "Engine" in 2018 and followed this recently with a number of advert heists with their EP release "Broken" with Quark records. The boys are currently working with a number of Sync Licensing companies including Synctracks in London and Lift Music in Brighton to provide music for TV and films.


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