Who are the Stick Up Boys?

A deep mystery surrounds the Stick Up Boys and they have worked and produced music for artists globally as well as for film and TV, often unknown in the background..... 


The Stick Up Boys off kilter approach to electronic pop music is orchestrated by an anonymous collective from Brighton, UK. Borrowing influences from modern EDM and electronica as well as the most notorious of the 80’s pop scene, the Stick Up Boys have been heralded as the “new sound of urban pop music”. Their unique and fresh sound is generated from their much beloved analogue synths, their extensive experience in a wide range of musical styles, as well as their collective talents as writers, performers, producers, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists.


The Stick Up Boys have had many record deals over the years until they decided to create their own label, Stick Up Music. They have been signed to labels such as....Quark Records, Yuna Music, Respect Music, A&M, Electronic Alliance Records, Volver Records, Universal and many, many more....

Making loops and construction kits as well as beats has always been a passion for the boys and they are signed exclusively to Producer loops to make sample construction kits full of full Stick Up Boys songs. 

Music for film and TV is an important part of what the Boys do, they work with many sync libraries including Lemoncake, Universal, Lift Music, Sync tracks and many others. They have appeared on film and TV all over the world from the BBC to the discovery channel and all points in-between


If you have any more information please call a policeman.